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CeRAN Conference & Exhibition 2019

Ceramics Researchers Association of Nigeria announces it's 16th Annual Conference and Exhibition (2019)


Theme: Sustainable Ceramic Practice, Technology and Innovation
Venue: Department of Industrial Design, ATBU, Bauchi.
Date: Wed. 2nd – Sat. 15th October, 2019


  • Pottery Apprenticeship and Entrepreneurship: Rejuvenating the Ladi Kwali Philosophy
  • Government Socio-Investment Programmes (SIPs): Simplifying the Ceramic Mass Production Processes – for Inclusion
  • Training in Ceramic Engineering and Technology – Gaps in Nigeria
  • Ceramics in Space Technology
  • Ceramics Application in Graphics, Textiles, Glass, Metal/Jewelry, Architecture, Building or Metallurgy; etc
  • Medical and Sanitary wears Ceramics
  • Structural Ceramics
  • Earth Science, Engineering & Industrial Ceramics
  • Sustainable Ceramics Practice and Environmental Protection
  • Patenting of Ceramic Products

Lead Paper: Licensing and Control of Ceramics Production/Standards: Necessity for Professional Regulation and Legal Backing

Lead Speaker: Dr. (Mrs.) Nneoma Iroaganachi LL.B BL, LLM
Department of Estate Management and Valuation,
Faculty of Environmental Technology, ATBU Bauchi

ANSTRACT: Not more than 250 words of abstract should reach the LOC on or before 5th September, 2019. Participants should also come prepared for Power Point presentation please.

EXHIBITION: Participants are to forward high-resolution photographs of at least two of their works, personal photographs, abridge bio-data and list of their intended exhibits electronically to the LOC through either of the following email addresses:,

* Good Hotel Accommodation around the University Campus range between N4,000.00 - N15,000.00 per night.


  Member Non-Member


Students Needing Conference Materials Students without conference materials Corporate Member
Conference Registration #12000 #14000 #5000 #1000 #15000
Membership registration (New Member)   #5000      
CeRAN Annual Subscription #4000       #5000
Paper Review Fees (for Askakwu Journal) #5000 #5000 #5000 #5000 #5000
Total #21000 #24000 #10000 #6000 #25000



  • Participants are to produce and present at least 25 hard copies of thier papers not exceeding 15 pages each, including references and typed in double line spacing, at the point of registration.

2019 CeRAN ATBU Bauchi LOC Members

  1. Chairman – Dr. D. M. Munai
  2. Vice-Chairman – Ezra Abubakar
  3. Secretary – Sani Musa
  4. Assistant Secretary – T. B. Farouq
  5. Treasurer – Mrs. Z. E. Dung
  6. Publicity Secretary – J. A. Zubairu
  7. Welfare Secretary – Dr. M. F. Iheme
  8. Asst. Welfare Secretary – Surajo Sha’aibu
  9. Member - Prof. A. Umar
  10. Member – Prof. Y. O. Sadiq
  11. Member – Prof. I. Y. Mohammed
  12. Member – Prof. E. G. Wuritka


The LOC could be reached through any of the following phone numbers: 08032867557, 08069629903, 08135396550, 08069548236 or email us @,