CeRAN Conference & Exhibition 2021 - (Conference Themes)


  • Ceramics in Remediation and Quality Control
  • Ceramics in Health (bio, medicine, etc.) Mental Health and Wellness
  • Pottery in the 21th Century Challenges and Prospects
  • Sustainable Ceramics Practice
  • Nano Ceramics
  • Ceramics in Product Development
  • Ceramics in Anthropology, Archaeology, Museology
  • Ceramics in Fine and Applied Arts
  • Relevance of Ceramics in Graphics, Textiles, Metallurgy, Metals & Jewellery, Glass Architecture, Building etc.
  • Ceramics in Engineering
  • Ceramics Entrepreneurship
  • Ceramics and the Environment

Keynote Topic: Ceramics in an Emerging World Pros and Cons